Public forum held for citizen input on Beavercreek Parks and Recreation

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The department mailed and posted a survey online asking citizens to rank what matters most to them. Public forum attendees also had the chance to complete the survey. 

“We’re trying to get as much input as we can from people to find out what people really want,” Pat Hoagland, a consultant hired by the city, told News Center 7’s Lauren Clark.

The department says it’s heard everything from rec centers to splash parks to athletic centers, but any new project would depend on levy renewal in May for funding.

One resident is hoping the city’s parks will remain protected.

“It's easier for what was a farming community years ago to cash out its precious land and overbuild, and the hope is that we keep our green space,” Tom Barbera told Clark. 

Regardless of what the department decides, residents said they are happy for the opportunity to give their input, and according to the city, will likely save money in the long-run.

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“We found in a lot of communities that say they don’t have any money ... once they do these plans and know what they know what the citizens really want ... they’re much more likely to do some things and make some improvements,” Hoagland said.