Raising speed limit concerns police official

Lead-footed motorists are excited that the state is raising the speed limit in some rural parts of Ohio.

But some local officials do not share their excitement.

The speed limit on Route 40 in South Vienna in Clark County has been raised to 60 mph from 50 mph.

South Vienna Police Chief Patrick Sullivan said he fears the change could put pedestrians and school children in danger.

Sullivan said many motorists were already driving 60 mph along Route 40, and the higher speed limit could mean they will be traveling at especially deadly speeds.

"If there was something I could do about it, I would do it just for the safety of the people that live within the village," he told Channel 7's Jessica Heffner.

The Ohio Department of Transportation said village officials can request a speed study, the results of which could lead to the lowering of the speed limit.
Sullivan said his officers will enforce the new speed limit as effectively as they can.