Red Cross Dayton Area volunteers shown a little cheese coney love

Volunteers with the American Red Cross Dayton Area Chapter, people who have given freely of their time and talent and love, were shown a little talent and love Thursday night — courtesy of Skyline Chili.

Employees of the chapter’s longtime corporate sponsor spent the evening serving up dinner, featuring the chain’s iconic cheese coneys, to the 100 or so chapter volunteers as a way to say “thanks for a job well done.”

Laura Seyfang, Dayton area chapter executive director, said the group has been very busy.

This year, 72 chapter volunteers have gone out and helped people in places outside the Dayton area community, she said, also noting that the chapter has helped more than 200 people in the Dayton area community who have suffered loss because of house fires.

“Volunteers are critical to the Red Cross,” Seyfang said. “Ninety-six percent of our work is done with volunteers. So we’re always looking for people who can donate some time.”

To show appreciation for those immeasurable donations, Skyline Chili also delivered to the Red Cross chapter’s headquarters a Christmas tree decorated with 100 gift cards.

“People who lose everything need our help,” Seyfang said. “That’s what the Red Cross is all about.”