Red light cameras in Dayton: 3 quick things to know

Dayton is planning to start using traffic enforcement cameras again.

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Dayton is planning to start using traffic enforcement cameras again.

Dayton is planning to start using traffic cameras for enforcement again.

Here are three quick things to know as the city’s amps up the program put on hold in 2015 after Ohio lawmakers placed tough restrictions on using the cameras.

The Ohio Supreme Court knocked down some of those restrictions last month.

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When does Dayton plan to turn on the traffic surveillance cameras again?

The city has worked for months to restart its traffic camera program, even before the Supreme Court ruling, arguing that traffic crashes and fatalities shot up on local roadways after the cameras were turned off. No date has been set yet to resume.

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How many cameras will Dayton use and where will they be?

The city has said it would install 10 fixed cameras at five locations, and officers also would use six hand-held devices and two portable trailer units at strategic locations.

How will motorists know when the cameras are on and off?

Dayton plans are for the cameras to be operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The cameras will be automated with no dedicated police personnel, a move allowed because of the Supreme Court ruling.

Source: City of Dayton

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