Restaurant owner helps shelter pets find families with a special event

The coupons for a free dog or cat were gone in 60 seconds at the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center on Saturday during the Send Them Home Saturday pet adoption event.

“We are literally churning through everything that is adoptable,” said Mark Kumpf, director of the county’s animal shelter. “A lot of people are looking for a great deal on a great animal.”

Andrew “Drew” Trick, owner of Lucky’s Taproom and Eatery in Dayton, sponsored the giveaway for the fifth year.

“What a great way to save animals and humans,” Trick said. “I just like supporting ARC. They do a great job.”

He said he began helping people pay adoption fees several years ago when he wanted to get a second pet but didn’t have room in his house. This year he said he contributed $600 to cover adoption fees for dogs and cats and to help ARC defray its cost for upkeep.

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Kumpf said there was a line around the center’s 6790 Webster Street parking lot at 10 a.m. when the event began. The first 25 people got coupons for a free dog or cat. Those wanting a dog paid the $20 fee for licensing their pet.

The normal cost to adopt a dog from the center is $145 to $165, depending on its age, which pays for spaying or neutering, microchip, vaccinations, a license and dog obedience classes for the life of the dog. Cats normally cost $65 and are also spayed or neutered, given a microchip and have their vaccinations.

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Shane and Jessica Day of Huber Heights had already found their new pet — a 4-month-old lab mix puppy named Pecan — and they were just visiting until they could pick up the puppy on Tuesday.

“My philosophy is anyone can go buy a puppy from a puppy store, but we prefer to rescue,” said Jessica Day.

Cat owners Kesha Howard and Antonio Sloan of Dayton came to to find a dog and said they chose to come to ARC rather than buying from a pet store because they wanted to help animals that might otherwise not find a home.

Once the free coupons ran out Saturday, the center handed out coupons allowing people to adopt cats and dogs for half price. The coupons are good until Dec. 1 for those who could not find an animal they wanted on Saturday. Kump said a total of 75 free or discounted cards were handed out and on Saturday 20 pets were adopted and six are in review. He expects more will be adopted by the deadline.

And, said Kumpf, “Drew adopted a cat.”

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