Returned wallet restores mother’s ‘faith in humanity’

Every once and a while someone does something that restores your faith in humanity. That is how Andy Robinson of Bellbrook said she felt when two Fairborn students found the wallet her son lost at a Bellbrook-Fairborn football game and didn’t rest until they returned it.

On Sept. 23, Conner Robinson, 14, a freshman at Bellbrook High School was about to get into a friend’s car to leave the game when he discovered his wallet was missing.

“I was really bummed, because my mom said I probably shouldn’t have taken it with me. We retraced our steps but didn’t find it. So I assumed it had been taken.”

Conner called his mom to tell her the news. She said she felt so bad for him. His wallet had $18, a gift card and his ID, which he needed for a trip to Washington. However, she agreed that they probably weren’t going to find it that evening and that it might have been stolen.

Ten minutes after she hung up the phone the doorbell rang. When she answered it, she was surprised to see two boys decked out in Fairborn attire with her son’s wallet.

Branden Lilley, 15, and Jordan Pumroy, 16, both students at Fairborn High School found the wallet and said that they knew if they were in the same situation they would hope that someone would return it to them.

“We were both blessed with being raised by amazing parents and the feeling of giving that wallet back, the joy of his parents just made it that much better,” Jordan said.

Branden and Jordan aren’t the only heroes of this story. Andy Robinson mentioned that Branden’s mother, Rhonda Lilley, drove them around for a half an hour before finding the right house.