RTA to provide free rides on Election Day


The Greater Dayton RTA will be providing free rides to the polls on Election Day, Nov. 6, to ensure access for all who choose to vote, according to a release.

Along with transporting over 30,000 riders daily, a trip to the voting polls will now be accessible to all with a free ride on all election days moving forward, read the release. The free rides apply to both RTA’s fixed-route and para-transit services.

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“We want to remove transportation as an obstacle to citizens excising their voting right through easy access to RTA services to access polling places in the Dayton region,” said Brandon Policicchio, Chief Customer and Business Development Officer for the RTA.

Policicchio says the addition of free rides on Election Day is another step to foster inclusion and awareness on important events in the community.

For a list of all RTA routes that are within a half mile or less walk to local polling stations, click here to visit the RTA's website.

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