Salem Heights renovation to end this month

Salem Heights, a brick building that dates back to the late 1920s, is the central house for the retired Sisters of the Precious Blood.

“It’s the creation of 51 apartments from approximately 110 bedrooms and other rooms. All the apartments are completely furnished,” said Eck , which was paid for with the organization’s existing funds.

“This money comes from the salaries of the sisters that have worked over the years,” Eck said. He added that most of the sisters are employed as teachers. “We have been good stewards of the money our sisters have earned.”

The 20-month-long project allows the sisters to now have apartments with kitchens, full bathrooms and more living space, instead of just a single bedroom. Also, more space was added to the Adoration Chapel, a place where the sisters can pray before the blessed sacrament, as a result of the renovation, Eck said.

The 80,354 square-foot building had a library, fitness area, beauty salon, a nurse office and parlors before the start of the project.

There are 45 sisters living in the four-story building, but the renovations will allow for 57.

Salem Heights once was the home for the aged that the Sisters operated until the mid-1970s,Eck said. The Sisters moved into the building in 1979.

“Through their leadership and investment, the Sisters have secured the future marketability and viability of this historic Trotwood landmark,” said Carl Daugherty, Trotwood’s planning and zoning administrator.

Added Eck, “I think it says that we are committed to the community, both in Trotwood and in the communities we serve around the country.”

The Sisters of the Precious Blood were founded in 1834 and serve in a variety of ministries, including education, medicine, management and pastoral administration.

There are approximately 140 Sisters in Trotwood, who serve in the Dayton-area, throughout the country and in Chile and Guatemala.

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