Sickness blamed for no home mail delivery in Dayton area

Some people in the Dayton area say they are not getting mail delivered to their homes.

People were coming to pick up their mail Wednesday afternoon at the U.S. Post Office at 1490 Forrer Blvd. in Kettering.

Customers said they were told a number of letter carriers had called off sick. However, staff inside the post office did not confirm this and referred questions to a communications team.

“There’s a lot of this flu or something going around, cause what can you do?” said one customer picking up her mail, who only wanted to be identified by her first name, Brenda.

When the mail is delivered, it has not been at it usual time.

“I just know the mail runs late. You see them at night with headlights on their head walking around, and I though it was somebody trying to break in,” she said.

Susan Wright, USPS spokeswoman, issued a statement: “Postal management is reviewing delivery operations in the Dayton area and will work to resolve any issues. All mail will be delivered today.”

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