Survey: Dayton residents don’t feel as safe as six years ago

Dayton residents today are less satisfied with local neighborhoods and feel less safe than they did six years ago, according to survey data released Wednesday.

A smaller share of residents also view their neighborhoods as good places to raise children, and residents are more likely to say race relations have gotten worse, the results show.

But overall, resident satisfaction levels are comparable to past years. And 47 percent of residents believe Dayton is headed in the right direction, while 32 percent indicated they have no opinion.

There were 1,291 responses to the city-funded survey, which was conducted by OpinionWorks between late May and early July. The surveys were sent to randomly selected households.

About 46 percent of Dayton residents say the city’s taxes are reasonable and 2 percent say they are too low. Thirteen percent have no opinion and 40 percent say they are too high.

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