Stories of Survival: Tornado victims describe what happened to them

We have heard so many stories from people who survived the Memorial Day tornadoes that are unbelievable.

We talked to a woman in Dayton who lost her 34-year-old son to illness the week before the tornadoes, then had her home damaged by the storm.

Still she has hope. She said she’s had nothing but love come her way since.

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A man in Old North Dayton barely got his kids and girlfriend in the basement before the storm hit. He went a few houses down to check on his mother and got stuck outside when the tornado hit his house.

He had to hold onto the porch during the storm.

A teacher in Trotwood lives in her parents’ “dream home” and on Monday it was hit by the tornado, ripping off her ceiling and destroying several rooms.

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One 27-year-old man who lives in Overlook Homes in Riverside had a tree come through his ceiling, nearly hitting him in the head and trapping him in his bathroom with his pets.

In Beavercreek Twp. a couple who had just repaired buildings on their farm hit by a tornado in 2018, were hit again on Monday.

Their steer survived both tornadoes.

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Our neighbors have been through a lot. Their stories give us hope as the region moves ahead.

You can tell us your stories about the tornadoes on our Dayton Daily News Facebook page.

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