Accused driver in officer-involved shooting found not guilty

UPDATE @ 4:30 p.m.:

Antwaun Brown, 32, was found not guilty of felonious assault by a jury today.

Brown’s attorney spoke with this news organization following the verdict.

“In the absence of the video, God knows how this would have turned out. Because each of the police got up there and said something to the effect that he was accelerating, I heard the engine rev, I think it was deliberate, and obviously that’s not correct because his brake lights are on,” said Brock Schoenlein, attorney for Brown. “To me, the potential of what would have happened here without the video is frightening.”


The trial for the accused driver involved in an officer-involved shooting is wrapping up as closing arguments began Friday morning, according to court officials.

Antwaun Brown, 32, is charged with felonious assault on a police officer after investigators said he was the driver that crashed into two unmarked police vehicles and drove in the direction of multiple officers.

The incident happened at the Miami Twp. Hawthorn Suites in January 2017.

Brown’s trial began Monday morning.

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