Trotwood-Madison officials respond to school bus running stop sign

Trotwood-Madison City School officials are speaking out after people who live near the schools shared videos of school buses running stop signs in their neighborhood.

News Center 7 first reported a Trotwood-Madison school bus running a stop sign at the corner of Iams Court and Trotwood Boulevard Thursday.

Trotwood-Madison Director of Operations Marlon Howard said he immediately took action when he saw the video.

“First thought is disappointment,” he said. “My bus driver team, they know the rules. They understand traffic laws, traffic codes and violations.”

By the time school let, administrators  were clear with drivers on their expectations.

“We met with all of our transportation team and just reminded them of the importance of following traffic laws and following traffic codes,” said Howard.

As for the bus driver caught on video running the stop sign?

“We’ll do an investigation, and from that we’ll follow through with what we do in house,” he said.

School administrators said that if there’s ever an issue with any of their bus drivers, contact them immediately.

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