Volunteers to help clean up Dayton cemetery tonight

Volunteers will gather at a Dayton cemetery tonight in an ongoing effort to keep it clean.

A year ago, News Center 7 heard complaints from people with relatives buried at  Greencastle Cemetery.

They told WHIO that the grass at the Nicholas Road cemetery was overgrown and that they found trash and even a dead dog on the property.

Since then, volunteers have worked to keep the cemetery tidy and have cleanups twice a month between April and September.

Volunteers will have some work to do when they get to Greencastle Cemetery tonight.

The grass is tall in some spots due to recent rains and warm temperatures.

There are also some weeds popping up around trees and tombstones.

Volunteers plan to meet at 6:30 p.m. tonight, unless Mother Nature keeps them from cleaning.

If so, they will try again Thursday at the same time.

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