Woman’s IRS refund issue resolved

The Ombudsman can help people find the best advocate for their issue or concern. Several months ago a woman contacted the Ombudsman Office because she did not receive her federal tax refund from the previous year. The woman had already contacted the IRS Taxpayer Advocate, who determined that two returns had been filed under the woman’s social security number. This classified the case as a possible “Identity Theft Issue,” and the woman was asked to submit form 14039, an “Identity Theft Affidavit.”

The woman had completed the form months prior to contacting the Ombudsman, and was frustrated that the IRS had yet to provide further information about the refund. The IRS Taxpayer Advocate is an office within the IRS that specifically resolves IRS concerns. The woman stated that the IRS Taxpayer Advocate office did look up some information for her and gave her instructions, but she still did not have her refund.

The Ombudsman contacted the IRS Taxpayer Advocate to learn whether they would assist the woman. Staff at the IRS Taxpayer Advocate responded that identity theft issues can sometimes take a long time. However, the woman could contact them and they would work with her and the IRS to reach a resolution. The Ombudsman then contacted the woman to ask if she wanted the IRS Taxpayer Advocate to assist with the refund. The woman did want their assistance, and so the Ombudsman gave her an IRS form 911, a “Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance,” so that she could officially request assistance from the IRS Taxpayer Advocate.

The woman called back to report that the IRS Taxpayer Advocate called shortly after she provided the forms to inform her that a check was prepared in the amount of $2,200 and that she should receive it within a week or two. She was also given an ID number and a PIN to use in the future to file her IRS forms to prevent future problems. The woman was pleased with the action taken by the IRS Taxpayer Advocate and with the receipt of the refund.

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