WSU students can save 20% on summer tuition

Credit: Jim Witmer

Credit: Jim Witmer

Wright State University students are earning an opportunity to save 20% on tuition when taking up to three credit hours during the summer 2017 semester. Undergraduates that have taken at least 24-credits during the prior fall and spring semesters are eligible to qualify for a reimbursement of up to $236.

“Whether students are trying to save money or graduate early, taking one course each summer could help them complete their degree as much as a semester early, saving tuition and getting them out into the workforce," said University Registrar Amanda Steele-Middleton.

The Ohio House Bill 64 section 369.600 makes it a requirement for universities to come up with solutions that will make pursuing a bachelor’s degree a lot more affordable for students. In this case, all undergraduates that are registered for summer courses will see the amount credited directly to their account after July 1.

“We are trying to save students money as quickly as we can," said Provost Thomas Sudkamp. "The summer tuition rebate had immediate impact on the cost of attendance for Ohio undergraduate students last summer and we hope next summer it will have the same or greater impact."

2,020 students at WSU saved more than $400,000 in tuition last summer. Along with flexible scheduling, numerous online courses, quieter library hours and quickly getting done with courses while still enjoying the weather, saving this kind of money is one of the many reasons why anyone attending college should consider taking summer courses.

The university has sought out many options as far as saving students money on their bachelor degrees. Recently, the college dropped the number of required credit hours that a student must take in order to complete their degree program down to 120. They have also increased the availability of more textbooks that are attractive in cost.

“Reducing the number of credit hours helps to streamline programs while continuing to prepare students for academic success and allowing them to graduate within for years," explained Middleton.

More information about the 20-percent rebate along with registering online for the summer semester can be found online here.

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