Xenia volunteer, 84, receives facelift to home

A longtime volunteer in the Xenia community is receiving some much needed attention to her home after another group of volunteers offered to help after she reached out for assistance.

Sue Watts spends her day volunteering time to help the elderly, but now volunteers with Habitat for Humanity are helping her replace side on her East Second Street home.

“As you can see it needed some work done,” Watts said. “I’m on retirement. How am I going to fix this house?  What am I going to do?”

Watts had been renting the home from a friend who passed away and left it to the 84-year-old in his will.

She didn’t know what to do to fix the house, so she contacted the city, who then turned to Habitat for Humanity to help her.

“I had to think out of the box to help this resident,” said Jeff Zigler, zoning inspector with the city of Xenia.  “She volunteers and helps other people.  This seemed like a good fit.”

Watts’ siding should be finished in the next couple weeks and she will not have to pay anthing.

The city donated snacks and water to the volunteers in exchange for their labor.


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