Mad River schools offering changes for second semester

Mad River Local Schools students who are currently learning online will have the option next semester to stay online or switch to partially in-person classes.

Parents and students will get an application on Monday, Oct. 26. Families will have to respond by Friday, Nov. 6. The first day of the second semester is Jan. 19.

Students who are currently learning remotely and who have had poor attendance or who have not been engaged in the remote classes will be required to return to school in-person, said Superintendent Chad Wyen.

Wyen said the number of remote students who are considered not be engaged is small; counting both remote and hybrid, in-person students, the district has an attendance rate of 96%.

Students who have had attendance issues are likely disengaged students and are not believed to be having problems with their internet, he said. Wyen said families who selected the remote learning option had to verify that they had a good internet connection when choosing that option.

About 30% of Mad River students are learning remotely. Those students were surveyed about whether they wanted to remain online. Wyen said that survey showed 40% wanted to switch to the in-person version of school the second semester. The remaining 60% wanted to stay remote.

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Students who are currently learning in-person will remain in-person unless there are health issues that prevent them from doing that.

Mad River Schools' in-person option has students with last names starting with the letter “A” through “K” going on alternating days from students who are have last names starting with letters “L” through “Z." On days when students are not at school in-person, they are getting remote instruction.

“Our hybrid model has been surprisingly successful,” Wyen said. “It’s helped open up good, two-way communication with families. Our teachers have done a great job with this.”

In order to try to have a successful second semester, Wyen said all students and staff will still be required to wear a mask while at school, on the playground or on the bus. Families are being urged to limit their social gatherings over the holiday breaks.

“We’re asking they limit social gathering over the holidays so that we can have a successful second semester,” Wyen said.

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