NEW DETAILS: Police chase reached 80 mph just before collision killing Realtor

Seconds before the a collision from which an area Realtor died, the police cruiser that hit her car during a chase was going 80 miles per hour, records show.

Mary Taulbee, a Lebanon woman who was not involved in the pursuit, died shortly after Officer Matt Barrie’s cruiser hit her Hyundai.

Moraine police reports indicate Barrie’s cruiser was traveling southbound as he went up a hill on Ohio 741 in Miami Twp. just before it hit the northbound Hyundai.

“As he traversed the incline of the hill, Officer Barrie broadcast that his vehicle’s speed had increased to 80 mph,” the police report states.

“A matter of seconds passed by as I asked Officer Barrie for an update on the pursuit” and Barrie said he had been involved in a crash, according to the Moraine police report.

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The collision occurred near the intersection Carnation Road, which is near the crest of the hill as Barrie pursued the driver of a Jeep reported stolen from Harrison Twp.

Taulbee — a 57-year-old Realtor who worked for years in Dayton, Englewood, Lebanon, Miamisburg, Springboro and Washington Twp. — spun into the southbound lane after being hit by another northbound car, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Minutes later, Alyssa Irwin Debraux, an 18-year-old whom records show has a Dayton address, was captured as she sought to flee the Jeep she flipped on Ohio 741 near the Dayton Mall, Miami Twp. police said.

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Here is a breakdown of how the incident unfolded, based on Ohio State Highway Patrol, Montgomery County dispatch, and Moraine Police Department records, and information from Moraine and Miami Twp. police:

•JEEP REPORTED STOLEN: Briauna Ball called the county regional dispatch center at 6:11 p.m. Ball said her black 2009 Jeep Patriot has been stolen, and she was tracking the progress of the vehicle.

She updated the dispatcher on the Jeep’s location - from Needmore Road to Interstate 75 and various roads in Dayton.

•JEEP ENTERS MORAINE: During the call with Ball, a dispatcher alerted Moraine police that the black Jeep was entering that city and being tracked with GPS by the owner. "We'll get someone up there to try to check it out," a Moraine dispatcher said.

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The Jeep owner then told the county dispatcher that the GPS tracker indicated the vehicle was on Springboro Pike – also Ohio 741 - in Moraine. County dispatch relayed the information to Moraine police.

•POLICE SPOT JEEP: A Moraine officer confirmed with a city dispatcher that the county "had relayed the GPS information, but was not receiving real-time updates." During a 6:12 p.m. exchange with dispatch, Barrie broadcast he was "traveling alongside" a black 2009 Jeep Patriot on Ohio 741 near Jomar Avenue.

•POLICE CHASE BEGINS: Barrie – believing it is the stolen vehicle — sought to pull the Jeep over for a traffic stop. In that same 6:12 exchange, Barrie said the Jeep "just ran a red light at Springboro and Jomar."

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He receives permission from the road sergeant to pursue the Jeep. At 6:13, Barrie notes that he’ “continuing southbound on 741” as his siren is heard over the police radio.

•CHASE SPEED INCREASES: Barrie pursued the Jeep south on Ohio 741 "through the intersection of Lindbergh Boulevard at speeds of 75 mph." He said "traffic was light and that the roadways were dry."

Barrie then said he was crossing the West Alex-Bell Road intersection and continued through the crossing of Orchard Run Road, “where the vehicle was traveling approximately 65 mph.” He continued up the hill on Ohio 741, reaching 80 mph.

•DEADLY COLLISION: An officer asked Barrie for an update on the chase. "At that point, he broadcast that he had been involved in a crash" at Ohio 741 and Carnation Road.

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The crash occurred after a collision involving a 2015 Chrysler, heading north on Ohio 741 in the left turn lane for Carnation, and Taulbee’s 2018 Hyundai, which was northbound in an adjacent Ohio 741 lane.

The driver of the Chrysler “moved right to avoid the fleeing vehicle and struck the left rear of the Hyundai” driven by Taulbee. The Hyundai then went across the center lane and was struck by the southbound police car.

Taulbee was reported unconscious at the scene. She was taken to Kettering Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

•SUSPECT CAPTURED: Miami Twp. officers responding to the crash scene saw a Jeep matching the stolen vehicle's description heading south on Ohio 741. An officer turned around near Ohio 725 and "the black Jeep turned radically, went into the Dayton Mall."

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The Miami Twp. officer followed while the Jeep “traveled at a high rate of speed through the Dayton Mall parking lot” before heading to an exit for Ohio 741,

The Jeep “hit the median and another car, and, in the process, got flipped on to its top.” Irwin Debraux reportedly fled the Jeep and attempted to hop of the back of a stranger’s motorcycle, but police detained her.


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