NEW DETAILS: Report says students claim ex-teacher showed erotic photo, gave gifts

Students interviewed about a former Miamisburg teacher convicted last month of sex crimes with a minor said they felt uncomfortable with her providing them gifts and showing them an erotic photo, Miami Twp. police records show.

Students told police last year Jessica Langford gave them a gift card, shoes and an iPhone while providing “a more casual atmosphere” in her middle school classroom that included showing students a photo of she and her husband having oral sex, according to police records.

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One 14-year-old who had attended Miamisburg Middle School said he felt weird after he said Langford gave him an iPhone, which he later returned, according to the police report. Another 14-year-old said seeing the photo of the teacher and her husband was awkward, the report indicates.

The 14-year-old who said he both received gifts and was shown the photo “described his relationship with Mrs. Langford as closer than other teachers and that she helped him with his Spanish and math,” according to the police report.

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“He had her only this year for math,” according to the report from an interview dated June 14, 2017. “He said he Snapchatted with her earlier in the year, but he felt it was weird and removed her address.”

This news organization obtained the Miami Twp. police records through a public information request. The police report does specifically quote students, but paraphrases their comments.

The report was not introduced as evidence at Langford’s trial last month, though some information included in it is consistent with testimony given by Langford’s teen accuser and his father.

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A Montgomery County jury convicted Langford, 32, of Centerville, on April 13 of three counts of sexual battery and three counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. She is scheduled to be sentenced May 14.

Those charges were not connected with the photo two 14-year-old students described in the Miami Twp. police report.

Langford’s defense attorney, Lawrence Greger, declined to comment on the police report.

Many names in the police report – including the students interviewed – are redacted.

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Last month, the news organization obtained through Ohio public records laws a February 2016 Miamisburg school district memo that outlined a series of concerns administrators had about Langford’s involvement with students.

That memo — written in advance of a Feb. 10, 2016, meeting with Langford — stated nine concerns, including allegations she was “flirting with male students.”

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Administrators investigated and could not find evidence to support some of the concerns outlined in the school district memo. However, middle school officials “counseled Mrs. Langford that she was to maintain a professional distance from, and relationship with, students, and that she was to refrain from physical contact with students,” the memo stated.

In the 2017 police interviews, all students interviewed – except the 14-year-old whose information was consistent with Langford’s trial accuser – denied any sexual contact with Langford.

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At least two of the teens said they had contact with Langford on social media and another said she called his hotel room during a school field trip to Washington D.C. the week before school let out in 2017.

One 14-year-old “said (name redacted) seemed to be getting annoyed and he hung up, but she called back two or three times.”

Another 14-year-old interviewed said Langford “gave him an iPhone 6, but said he gave it back after a couple of days,” according to the police report.

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“Mrs. Langford also gave him shoes for the D.C. trip, saying she was trying to get the boys to have matching shoes,” the police report states. “She apparently asked him what size shoe he wore as they walked out of her room. He said his mother had the shoes.”

One student interviewed said Langford gave him a “$10 or $15” restaurant gift card – which he later gave to his mother – and “described Langford as being more of a friend than a teacher,” according to the report.

“He denied any sexual contact or interaction with her,” the report states.

A 17-year-old said he had Langford for seventh grade “and that he liked her because she was laid back and she had a more casual atmosphere in her room,” according to the report.

“He denied any involvement with Langford or of ever saying anything inappropriate to him,” the report states. “He also denied knowing of other students being involved with her.”


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