An English degree’s true value

More observations on the vanishing English major. This is from reader Karen M. Smith:

“I graduated with a BA in English almost 30 years ago. People assumed that the only practical career for an English major was to teach English. The general attitude toward a degree in English, history, philosophy, and the fine arts was — and continues to be — that those fields were useless and worthless.

“Decades of overwhelming focus on science, math, and technology have crushed the value of English proficiency. Why would any bright, young person who could do anything else pursue a degree in something widely considered useless and impractical? It logically follows that those young persons who do pursue useless and impractical degrees haven’t the capability to do anything else worthwhile or valuable. Thus, they deserve the poor wages attendant upon the jobs open to them.

“Writing is a craft. Like cooking, woodworking, welding, or other trade, competent writing demands mastery of a complex skill. A culture that devalues writing will suffer from poorly written content.”

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