Pick up Sunday’s Dayton Daily News for #DaytonStrong Oregon District shooting memorial poster

Credit: Amelia Robinson

Credit: Amelia Robinson

In the early hours of Aug. 4, 2019, the unimaginable happened in Dayton’s Oregon District.

A gunman opened fire in Dayton’s entertainment district, killing nine people, including his sister.

  • Megan Betts
  • Nicholas Cumer
  • Logan Turner
  • Thomas McNichols
  • Derrick Fudge
  • Monica Brickhouse
  • Saeed Saleh
  • Beatrice Warren-Curtis

Another 37 people suffered injuries. Perhaps hundreds more, including survivors and those who lost loved ones, likely experienced some form of mental trauma.

Today, and this week, we pause to remember those who lost their lives in Ohio’s deadliest mass shooting in history. We also bring you complete coverage of what has changed as a result of this tragedy, and where work still needs to be done.

In Sunday’s Dayton Daily News, we share a #DaytonStrong poster that honors the victims of this shooting and the strength of this community.


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