Attorney General Mike DeWine takes aim at con artists

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is launching a campaign against scammers and con artists who fleece tens of thousands of Ohioans each year.


DeWine announced he’ll use $2 million from consumer fraud case settlements for a public awareness campaign that includes a hotline, website and advertising to warn and educate consumers. will provide information on problem companies, how to file a complaint and tips on consumer protection.

“We have always had crooks and con artists…but today they have a very long reach and that long reach is called the Internet and long distance telephones,” DeWine said Friday at a press conference.

Three, 30-second commercials featuring contractor fraud, computer repair scams and IRS scams will begin airing Monday.

The campaign has the backing of the Better Business Bureau of Ohio, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, NFIB Ohio and AARP Ohio.