Top teacher: Carol Brown of Beavercreek; ‘I love seeing my kids grown up’

Carol Brown, Teacher at Beavercreek Local Schools

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Carol Brown, Teacher at Beavercreek Local Schools

Name: Carol Brown

School District: Beavercreek City Schools

Grade you teach: 7th Grade Language Arts

Experience: 30th year of teaching; 27th year at Ankeney Middle School

What/Who inspired you to become a teacher? My inspiration to be a teacher started with my dad and continued through the phenomenal teachers I had at St. Helen grade school and Carroll High School.

What do you enjoy most about teaching? My favorite part about teaching is watching students grow and mature as individuals and master skills and concepts they did not think they were capable of learning. The students also make my job fun. One day is never like another, which is what makes teaching so enjoyable.

What is a memorable experience you’ve had while teaching? Each year’s classes have their own unique personalities, and there are memorable experiences every year. One thing I never tire of is having former students return to visit. I love seeing my students all grown up!

How can families adapt to be successful during these challenging educational times? Families can be supportive and encouraging to each other. This has been a challenging year in so many ways for everyone. Although school looks a little differently right now, I am so happy to be back in the classroom and seeing my students every day! We all need to take a deep breath and say “We can do this!”

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