7 ways to keep energy costs down in hot weather

It’s that time of year when it’s hot and humid and everyone wants to be comfortable in their home.

However, the cost of comfort can be high in hot weather if you aren’t smart about how using energy.

Here are seven ways to help keep costs relatively low while avoiding high temperatures.

1. Let your air conditioning shut off at times

Set your thermostat to auto at 78 degrees instead of keeping it on at all times.

Switching to a programmable thermometer can help you save even more by allowing you to automatically change temperatures when you’re away and home.

2. Use modern fans

Using a fan helps guarantee you will be cool while you can set the thermostat to a higher temperature, helping you save money.

Keeping a modern fan helps to make sure you’re not sucking up large amounts of energy.

Setting your ceiling fan to counter-clockwise rotation allows the breeze to blow your way. Turning fans off when you’re not in the room can save, as well.

3. Lessen water usage

According to the EPA’s Energy Star Program, taking less than seven-minute showers, covering your pots when cooking, washing clothes on cold and turning off the faucet when not in use will help you save money and energy.

4. Keep the fridge closed as much as possible

Keeping the doors closed decreases the amount of energy needed to keep your food safe. Make sure the seals don’t have a leak too.

Keeping the coils on your refrigerator clean will also help keep it running efficient and last longer.

5. Be smart with electronics

Just because you’ve turned off your television or device that’s plugged in, it doesn’t mean it’s not still using energy. Turn off a powerstrip into which they’re plugged to ensure everything is off and not using phantom power.

Turn off lights when you’re not in the room and switch to energy-efficient light bulbs to reduce the energy bill and the heat output from lights.

6. Get out of the house

The best way to ensure you aren’t using energy at home is by going out and having fun.

Seeing a movie, going to the pool or going to shopping malls will help ensure you’re staying cool and having fun while not using energy in your home.

7. Follow Energy Star standards

Energy Star is a program from the EPA that is focused making sure you save money and energy in your life with an array of different methods and practices.

Most of their suggestions are easy and can be done immediately without buying anything new.

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