WSU president says ‘work is not done’ on budget problems

Wright State University’s president is calling for further measures to be taken to ensure the school’s finances improve.

Cheryl Schrader sent an email to campus on Monday, again addressing how the university will strive to move past its recent budget problems. The school slashed $30.8 million from its fiscal year 2018 budget after years of overspending drained reserves.

The new president said she plans to send out a monthly email message to campus.

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“You have emerged from recent challenges stronger than you were before, with better systems and better checks,” Schrader wrote in the email. “But this work is not done. We are leaner, but it is also time to lean in.”

Schrader asked the campus to share their thoughts with her on how best to "lay the foundation four our future" at WSU.

“Imagine that it is ten years from now and Wright State University has met its most important goals. What does the university look like and how is it different from today?” Schrader wrote.

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Schrader plans to create a strategic plan for Wright State, and her request for input is likely one of the first steps in that process.

“We will begin working together on a comprehensive strategic plan that ensures financial sustainability for Wright State, and that fosters a campus atmosphere aimed at providing our graduates opportunities to excel in fields that define the future and our region,” Schrader wrote.

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