During President Bill Clinton's stop in the Gem City for the Dayton Peace Accords, there are numerous places in town where he can find his favorite foods, while getting a taste of some of Dayton's best cuisine. 

Dayton food Bill Clinton should break his diet for

Flash back to the eight years William Jefferson Clinton served as president (1992-2000). It was hard not to turn on Saturday Night Live or late-night TV without jokes about the president’s deep love for fatty, high-calorie dishes and junk food.

Flash forward to today, nearly a decade after the former president’s quadruple bypass, and his lifestyle and diet choices are much different. He is now a devoted vegan.

But if President Clinton could abandon his healthy eating habits for just one day, the possibilities are endless. He could check out some of Dayton’s famed destinations, like The Pine Club or the Golden Lamb.

And knowing what some of the former president’s many favorite dishes are, we came up with this special list of five Dayton dishes we think he would absolutely love to try for breakfast, lunch or dinner during his stay in town.

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The name says it all. Daytonians know that Bill’s is the place to get your donuts. You’ve probably even made the drive out to Centerville just to satisfy a craving at least once. If you haven’t, you’re missing out. Bill’s has been named the best donut destination in the state and even recently made a national list.

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When it comes to burgers, Dayton has some amazing picks to choose from, ranging from pint-sized sliders to the monstrous, messy, decadent variety. From Tank’s to the Pine Club to the Oakwood Club, there are plenty to choose from. But knowing that President Clinton prefers his burgers with jalapeno, we recommend Blind Bob’s Fiesta Burger — a half-pound patty stuffed with cheddar-jack cheese, jalapenos and corn and topped with salsa and sour cream ($10). Yum!

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One of President Clinton’s favorite dishes during his time in office was the chicken enchilada. When it comes to Mexican cuisine in Dayton, you can’t go wrong with Taqueria Mixteca. This little restaurant on East Third Street in Dayton lives up to it’s name in Spanish (Google it!). There’s also a new second location in Trotwood. Get three enchiladas with your choice of meat and sauce for $7.99. Or, he could always opt for the two-pound burrito instead.

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Another favorite dish, so surprised with his Southern roots, is fried chicken. Every Sunday night from 5-9 p.m., Lily’s Bistro in the Oregon District offers up local, free-range, deep-fried Sunday supper goodness. The sharable family-style plates of crispy spiced chicken and Southern sides are prepared to order.

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One of President Clinton’s other favorite dishes is none other than sweet potato casserole. The Best in Dayton can be found in an unconventional place: the buffet line at La Comedia Dinner Theatre in Springboro. It’s worth the price of admission alone.

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