Greene County Health Inspections

The following are summaries of state of Ohio standard inspection reports on file from the Greene County Combined Health District, from the week of June 20 to June 24. District information is available online at

Waffle House

3998 Colonel Glenn Highway, Fairborn

Date of inspection: June 23

Violations: Observed cook not changing gloves and washing hands between contacting pre-cooked meat and preparing ready to eat food items. Addressed with PIC.

Found gravy stored uncovered in steam wells on the service counter as well as orange drink stored unprotected in a large round container in the reach in cooler. Corrected.

Found wiping cloths stored on counters in multiple locations. Corrected.

Found coffee mugs lined with an absorbent towel to prevent splashes from coffee machine. Corrected.

Found broken plastic container. Corrected.

Found sanitizer solution with chlorine measuring in excess of 100 ppm. Corrected.

Found the interior of the ice machine with mold residue present. Corrected.

Found cups stored wet nested by the soda machine. Corrected.

Found the cup dispenser without lids, and coffee filters stored unprotected. Also found the ice bucket stored non-inverted. Corrected.

Found the dumpster lid left open. Corrected.

Found debris around dumpsters in the refuse area.

Found the areas under the equipment and shelving in need of a detailed cleaning, also including the back door.

Found personal items stored on top of bread on the bread racks. Corrected.

Found an excessive number of flies in the facility. Addressed with PIC.

Found the mop stored in the mop bucket. Corrected.

Found two types of weed killer as well as an aerosol pesticide stored inside the facility.

Found ham (51F) and sliced cheese (45F). Correcting.

Found multiple foods in the reach in cooler not datemarked. Corrected.

Comments: Provided new handouts and discussed new code changes and the following items are required to be completed/provided: a procedure for cleanup of vomiting/diarrheal incidents (viewable during inspections) and provision of a diarrhea/vomiting cleanup kit that is compliant with the new rules (see handout); a sign off sheet which indicates that employees have been informed of when they must report illness which is readily viewable during inspections; in addition to a level 1 certified PIC on all shifts, each facility is required to provide a level 2 trained individual (see handout for information regarding how to secure this training).


4450 Glengarry Drive, Beavercreek

Date of inspection: June 23

Violations: Found the hand sink in the back did not have paper towels stocked for employees to properly dry their hands. PIC corrected.

Found Terminex and cleaning products stored over the 3 compartment sink where contamination could occur to the dishwashing area. PIC corrected and moved products to under the sink.

Found several working spray bottles not labeled with the product name. PIC labeled one water for plants and the other with the cleaning product name.

Found the floor drain trap under the sink needed cleaned more frequently to remove buildup which will in turn prevent attraction of drain flies. Found the floors along the wall to floor interface in the front of the store in need of more detailed cleaning to remove buildup.