Kaileigh Nuessgen

Athlete of the Week: Kaileigh Nuessgen, Beavercreek

Name: Kaileigh Nuessgen

School: Beavercreek

Sport: Wrestling

Class: Sophomore

Age: 16

Claim to fame: Becoming the first female league placer in the WOL/GWOC 52-year history

Bet you didn’t know: I like to cook

Toughest opponent/why: Myself, I’m my toughest critic

Favorite book: Out of My Mind

Favorite movie: Creed

Favorite TV show: House

Favorite musical song: Good Old Days

Favorite pro athlete/why: J.J. Watt because he raised millions of dollars for hurricane relief

Favorite smell: Apple

Favorite home cooked meal: Manicotti

Game day rituals: Warm up, bounce, some sprints and get focused

Person who would play me in a movie/why: Jennifer Lawrence because she’s nice and funny

Words you live by: Champions don’t show up to get everything they want; they show up to give everything they have

Biggest influence/why: My parents, family, teachers and coaches because they support and inspire me

I am most annoyed by: People not following through on their word

You can’t live without: My family, my friends and my dog

Most embarrassing moment: My third grade talent show when I forgot all the words to the song and repeated the same words over and over…I haven’t sang in public since

In 10 years, I’ll be: I am still deciding between Sports Medicine, Psychology, Teaching, Physical Therapy or Law

Best thing about wrestling: Learning a lot about your strengths and weaknesses

Worst thing about wrestling: Cutting weight

Vegetable I just won’t eat: Lima beans

Favorite junk food: Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies

Favorite school subject: Science

Last DVD or video game I bought: I don’t play video games

Person whose brain you’d like to pick: Kevin Hart

Love to trade places for a day with: A professional athlete

When I’m bored, I like to: Watch YouTube videos like Dude Perfect and cooking videos

Worst habit: Biting my nails

On your bedroom walls: Magazine cut outs of athletes and pictures with my friends

Talent I’d most like to have: Surfing