Ohio State Buckeyes drop from No. 2 to unranked in AP poll

Six Big Ten teams, including the Ohio State Buckeyes, and three Pac 12 teams dropped out of the Associated Press top 25 poll on Sunday.

The first poll of the regular season did not include conferences that don’t plan to play this fall because of the coronavirus pandemic or have not set schedules to do so. That differed from the preseason poll when voters were asked to pick the top 25 as if everyone was playing.

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No. 2 Ohio State, No. 7 Penn State, No. 9 Oregon, No. 12 Wisconsin, No. 16 Michigan, No. 17 USC, No. 19 Minnesota, No. 22 Utah and No. 24 Minnesota all fell out of the rankings.

Clemson remained No. 1 and was followed by Alabama, Oklahoma, Georgia and Florida. LSU, Notre Dame, Auburn, Texas and Texas A&M rounded out the top 10.

Cincinnati moved from No. 20 to No. 13, while Louisiana entered the poll for the first time at No. 19 after upsetting No. 23 Iowa State on Saturday.

Here’s the complete poll: 1. Clemson; 2. Alabama; 3. Oklahoma; 4. Georgia; 5. Florida; 6. LSU; 7. Notre Dame; 8. Auburn; 9. Texas; 10. Texas A&M; 11. Oklahome State; 12. North Carolina; 13. Cincinnati; 14. Central Florida; 15. Tennessee; 16. Memphis; 17. Miami; 18. Louisville; 19. Louisiana; 20. Virginia Tech; 21. Brigham Young; 22. Army; 23. Kentucky; 24. Appalachian State; 25. Pittsburgh.

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