6 things about NFL Week 11: It wasn't kind to the Bengals

Credit: John Grieshop

Credit: John Grieshop

Week 11 in the NFL was the kind where a Bengals linebacker possibly making an obscene gesture to someone in the crowd wasn’t much of a headline.

Here are six things you'll want to know about it:

1. The Bengals’ season is for all intents and purposes over. 

Before news of injuries to A.J. Green, Giovani Bernard and others, it seemed possible if unlikely Cincinnati could turn things around.

Sunday was another death by 1,000 cuts type of day for Cincinnati. Those actually happen a lot across the NFL every week. When almost every game is close, the key is overcoming mistakes and making winning plays, and these Bengals haven't do that.

Now it’s going to be that much harder.

2. Mike Nugent's bad day was part of a bizarre trend around the league. 

By 5 o’clock Sunday afternoon, a league-record 11 PATs had been missed, and another went awry in the nightcap.

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3. Vontaze Burfict could be in trouble again. 

Not the kind that gets a player suspended but rather a hefty fine.

What did he do? Appear to raise the wrong fingers in the wrong direction.

With the season now lost, it will be interesting who is still around next season.

4. Of course, Cincinnati’s struggles are all the more frustrating because the rest of the AFC North continues to underwhelm. 

The division-leading Ravens lost to the red-hot Cowboys, who continue to impress behind rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott.

The Steelers won, but it was just against the Browns.

Baltimore and Pittsburgh are tied for the division lead with records of 5-5. The Bengals are only 1.5 games back, but it feels like much more as they haven't won since Oct. 23.

5. Speaking of the Browns, this is an amazing stat. 

6. Old pal Carson Palmer didn’t have the best of days, either. 

Minnesota intercepted him twice and sacked him four times in a 30-24 win over Arizona.

The former Bengal’s bounce back 2015 season is fading into the rearview.

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