Is it time for a switch?

Nintendo has always done things its own way, and the Switch is no different. With one foot firmly in the home console space and the other in the handheld space, the Switch offers a unique experience that lets you play where you want without much hassle.

For me, this makes it the most interesting Nintendo console in a decade. Yes, there are some gimmicky games and a slew of controller adaptors and configurations, but at its core, I like what the Switch is selling. Nintendo’s handheld offerings have delivered consistently all these years, but the home market has struggled from various ailments including lack of software, especially from third-party partners.

If the Switch closes this gap and lets me enjoy Nintendo’s hallmark first-party titles on a single platform filled with handheld and home console games, along with Nintendo’s vast virtual library of old titles, I quickly find myself forgiving the gimmicks and getting excited about the possibilities.

Nintendo Switch comes out this March. I’m excited for the Switch, and I haven’t said that about a Nintendo home console launch in a long time. I’d love to see Nintendo come back in a big way, and the Switch just might be the console to do it!


Andy McNamara

Editor-in-Chief, Game Informer


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