Centerville, Kettering bike trail connector to be built next year

A bike trail to connect to an Interstate 675 crossing will expand recreation options in Centerville and Kettering is expected to be built next year.

The Hewitt Avenue Bikeway Connector will be about a 0.5-mile path creating a safe connection across I-675 for cyclists traveling to and from both cities’ bike trail networks, Kettering Assistant City Manager Steve Bergstresser said.

The cities combine for about 43 miles of bike trails (Kettering 28, Centerville nearly 15) and both have routes leading to the Great Miami Bikeway, officials said.

The Hewitt connector will begin at the Iron Horse Bike Trail, a regional trail for both Kettering and Centerville residents that ends at I-675 south of Whipp Road, Bergstresser said.

The new section, on which construction is expected to start next spring, “hooks up to Hewitt and it takes Hewitt all the way over to Bigger (and) crosses Bigger,” he said.

Bergstresser said Kettering will manage the project. Construction of the connector is expected to take about six months, document show.

The new route will allow more Centerville residents using the Clyo and Bigger road bike trails to connect to the Iron Horse path, said Centerville City Planner Mark Yandrick.

Most of the $495,000 project will be paid for through federal transportation funds obtained by the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, records show. Kettering will pay $129,000 and Centerville $119,000.

Whipp, Hewitt and Bigger traffic will be maintained, but lane shifts and closures may be required, according to documents.

Records show the project will include:

•A 10-foot concrete path with a buffer on the south side of Whipp from the Iron Horse Trail to Hewitt.

•A covered bike station at the Whipp/Hewitt intersection.

•Bikeway signage on Hewitt from Whipp to Bigger.

•A 10-foot concrete path with a buffer on Bigger from Hewitt to North Quinilla Way.

•A lighted, marked crossing with signage and flashing beacons on Bigger to connect to the existing trail.

•ADA-compliant curb ramps as required.

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