Historic restaurant offers special menu for Lent

The Golden Lamb rolls out special menus throughout the year and the Lenten season is no exception.

Fridays during Lent they offer a special menu for customers who are committed to eating vegetarian or seafood. Across the country, that number is significant. A survey by Lifeway Research found 24 percent of consumers observe Lent, and in a study by The NPD Group, fish and seafood were consumed 5 percent more often during Lent than other times of the year. If you are fish fried out (is that even possible?), the iconic Golden Lamb restaurant in Lebanon offers a special menu that’s worth the drive. The menu is served during Lent starting at 11:30 a.m.

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Here is the menu that’s available in addition to the regular menu:

• Chef Nick’s Clam Chowder made with clams, potatoes, leeks, mirepoix, cream, topped with crisp potato curls (half-bowl $5, full bowl $9)

• Smoked Salmon Toast fresh salmon, smoked and flaked with herb cheese, pickled red onions, spicy arugula, and fried capers ($15)

• Line Caught Pacific Cod served battered, fried or baked, with noodles and ale-cheese, jalapeno hush puppies, broccoli slaw, caramelized lemon and classic tartar sauce ($26)

• Louisville Style Rolled Oyster Platter three hand-breaded rolled oysters served with tavern fries, broccoli slaw, caramelized lemon, and tangy cocktail sauce ($23)

• Brown Butter and Maple Peach Crisp slow-baked peaches topped with brown butter oats, local maple sugar, topped with locally made Tahitian vanilla gelato ($10)

The Golden Lamb is located at 27 S. Broadway, Lebanon. For more information, visit goldenlamb.com.

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