Jubie’s ice cream now available in Clark County

Credit: Submitted Photo

Credit: Submitted Photo

Jubie’s Creamery, an ice cream shop with a footprint in Fairborn and Moraine, is now available in Clark County through a partnership with Copey’s Butcher Shop.

Julie Domicone, who owns the ice cream shop with her father, Fred, and mother, Stacey, confirmed the butcher shop, located at 10988 Gerlaugh Road in Medway, is now offering 10 of their pint flavors for $5.95 each.

Flavors include vanilla, chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, caramel brownie, cookies and cream, and strawberry cheesecake.

“They started with about half of these and then a couple weeks ago decided to expand a little more,” Domicone said.

She said her family couldn’t be happier to support another local, family-owned business.

“It’s gone above and beyond our expectations,” Domicone said.

Jubie’s Creamery first partnered with Copey’s a few years ago when an employee suggested using the butcher shop’s homemade cinnamon rolls for a winter sundae. Domicone said one of the owners reached out a few months ago inquiring about adding ice cream to their dessert freezer.

“We do catering and pre-packaged cups in concession stands, wholesale in that aspect, but we never wholesaled our pints before,” Domicone said.

She described this partnership as a trial run for the future. Jubie’s Creamery is interested in possibly expanding to local grocers and convenience stores.

“Our whole goal is to expand as much as we possibly can. I think we’re just getting into the starts of what that really looks like,” Domicone said. “It’s a very exciting time for us.”

Jubie’s Creamery is located at 471 W. Dayton Yellow Springs Road in Fairborn and 2749 W. Alex Bell Road in Moraine.

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