New Mexican restaurant opens in Fairborn

Two Dayton men are opening a Mexican restaurant near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Fairborn.

Crazy King Burritos is the first U.S. franchise of a restaurant that started on the Mexican island of Cozumel, which is off the Yucatan Peninsula on the east side of Mexico. The restaurant’s new location is at 2624 Colonel Glenn Highway, Fairborn, and is open 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

The owners of the Fairborn franchise, Walter Jones and DeShawn Davis, have been friends since they were teenagers and have previously worked together, Jones said.

Jones said he was looking for franchising opportunities before the pandemic. When he found out about this opportunity, he read the reviews for the Cozumel location and realized that people loved the food there.

He also realized the tortillas and sauces were made fresh, from old family recipes. Jones said he likes places like Hot Head Burrito and Chipotle, but he felt Crazy King Burritos was just one step above them.

“All in, it was saying, hey, I want to be a part of that,” he said.

David Schuck, director of franchise development for Crazy King Burrito, said the chain will be different than other fast-Mexican chains because the burritos are already made.

“Ours are specific recipes that you can still alter, if you want something removed or sometimes added, but we suggest that you stick with the original recipe,” Schuck said. “It was made that way for a reason.”

It took a while for the opportunity to get off the ground as the pandemic hit, Jones said. But finally, they were able to pick their location on Colonel Glenn. Jones said they chose that location due to its proximity to both Wright State University and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

The restaurant has been open for about two weeks. During that time, they’ve been doing well, Jones said.

Jones said he’s heard from customers who have gone to the location in Mexico on vacation, heard about the franchise in Dayton and decided to come in.

“It is a tourist spot, where a lot of vacationers go, and pretty much some of our customers actually go there,” Jones said.

Jones said anyone who likes Mexican food should stop by.

“I don’t have to speak for the burrito,” Jones said. “The burrito can talk for itself.”

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