Random acts of kindness: 25 ways you can make someone’s day

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These 25 acts of kindness can make a big difference in other’s lives

We’re in the midst of winter and a worldwide pandemic. This week celebrates Random Acts of Kindness so there’s no better time to focus on the kind gestures that can make a difference in the lives of others.



The Miami Valley’s Anne Sheehan, who launched her Acknowledging Acts Of Kindness Club in 2019, offers these 25 suggestions for helping us — and others — get through these challenging months:

❤️1. Younger people can grocery shop for seniors or those who are homebound. Shop online, pick up the groceries and deliver them to a senior’s front door.

❤️2. Deliver books and puzzles to seniors and others.

❤️3. Organize a neighborhood prayer chain — everyone praying at a certain time of day. Set the daily time via email to neighbors.

❤️4. Share any abundance of fresh or frozen groceries.

❤️5. Check in with neighbors, even if not elderly, via email or phone.

❤️6. Offer to pick up medications at a drive-up pharmacy window for the elderly or the homebound.

❤️7. Send email jokes to out-of-town friends and family. It cheers them up!

❤️8. Send cards to neighbors, grandparents, friends. It’s always great to get mail!

❤️9. If the elderly have a pet, offer to walk the pet for them or pick up pet food.

❤️10. Be positive about the future when talking/emailing. Positivity breeds a positive outlook. This will pass and we will get through this together.

❤️11. Children’s artwork cheers anyone up. Have your children or grandchildren make artwork for neighbors or those at a nursing home.  Ask neighbors to hang the artwork in a front window of their house to show your street is working together.

❤️12. Take the time to call/write/email those friends/relatives you have been meaning to contact.



❤️13. If you know how to sew, make a colorful mask for others. You can match it to their special interests, favorite colors. Anne Estes, 81,  of Lewisburg, has made and given away more than 1,500 masks!

❤️14. When you see someone walking outside, getting their mail or morning paper, give them a big smile and tell them how good they look and how good it is to see them.

❤️15. Share a pot of homemade soup or a yummy dessert with others.

❤️16. Share DVDs of good movies, especially if a neighbor/friend/family member does not have cable.

❤️17. Weather permitting, encourage all to go for a short walk outside each day. Fresh air does wonders. This can be done with social distancing.

❤️18. If you feel you should not interact with someone but want to keep in touch, FaceTime or Zoom with them.

Credit: Shutterstock

Credit: Shutterstock

❤️19. Recommend a funny TV show you like so others can watch it and laugh.

❤️20. Find/recommend groups you can play online card games with. Fun and a great time-filler.

❤️21. Play a trivia game with neighbors via email. Send trivia questions and give a time frame to answer!

❤️22. Forgiveness is a wonderful act of kindness. If you’ve been on the “outs” with someone, email or text asking forgiveness.

❤️23. Distribute any craft items/coloring books/computer games to families with children.

❤️24. When ordering take-out food, see if an elderly neighbor would like to order, too. Pick it up and deliver it to them.

❤️25. Say “I Love You” every day to those close to you.

If you’d like to have some of Anne Sheehan’s free cards to acknowledge others who perform a kind act, check out her website: www.aaokdayton.org


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