Airbnb adds customers, grows in Ohio

More people used Airbnb in Ohio during 2016 than any other previous year.

The hospitality company announced its Ohio host community earned $17.5 million in supplemental income in 2016. Approximately 130,000 people used Airbnb in Ohio in the past year.

In Dayton, 2,500 people used Airbnb in 2016 — bringing in $330,000 of supplemental income.

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Airbnb collaborated with Cuyahoga County in March on an agreement that allowed the company to collect and remit lodging taxes on behalf of its hosts, bringing in new revenue to the county. The company followed that up with a similar deal in Cleveland in June. More people used Airbnb for events like the NBA finals, the World Series and Republican National Convention.

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Between Cuyahoga and Cleveland, Airbnb has now collected and remitted a total of $300,000 in taxes to the local governments on behalf of its hosts.

Airbnb was founded in 2008, and has a presence in 191 countries.

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