Black-owned business profiles: Vegan chef, massage therapy, frozen desserts and catering



Local development experts say Black-owned businesses are vital to the growth of our region, but they face obstacles including difficulty securing financing. To help support and grow the local Black-owned business ecosystem, the Dayton Daily News is profiling local businesses. Here are four local, Black-owned businesses you should know about.

Stacy’s Temple of Esteem Studio

Stacy Harden, a massage therapist, is the owner and operator of Stacy’s Temple of Esteem Studio, located at 109 White Allen Ave. in Dayton.

Harden said she branched out to massage therapy because she didn’t feel like her past career was fulfilling her purpose.

“When I got my first massage, that was when I realized that this is something I’ve been missing. This is something I feel like I need, especially to bring balance into my life from being a mother,” Harden said.

After she graduated from a massage therapy program, she spent time at another massage therapy business before branching out to her own location.

“I’ve just been growing and making my way,” Harden said. Harden said she also tries to help individuals focus on self-care and helping clients with physical ailments through massage therapy. For bookings, visit

Your Vegan Chef

“Your Vegan Chef is a 100% vegan, plant-based business designed to create the vegan version of your everyday foods,” said Shamika Milliner, owner and chef.

Your Vegan Chef sells a variety of vegan food options at 100 North James H McGee Boulevard in Dayton on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Food options include vegan tacos or soul food. She also does vegan meal prepping.

Milliner and her business were impacted by the 2019 Memorial Day tornadoes. She was growing her business out of her home at that time when the tornadoes destroyed the apartment in which she was living.

“My roof came down on me,” Milliner said.

She looks at the experience as a positive one and blessing, Milliner said. “It really allowed me to connect with a lot of people who are very important in my life today, different businesses that are very important to me today.”

For more information, visit or follow Your Vegan Chef on Facebook or Instagram.

Divine Catering and Events

Divine Catering and Events is a full-service catering and event planning company. Dabriah Rice started the business 17 years ago, and it has been a family business featuring traditional American southern cuisine.

“Our most popular dish is my macaroni and cheese. It’s very popular,” said Rice. Their food also includes dishes like sweet potato soufflé and collard greens, along with all kinds of barbecue.

The events they’ve worked include weddings, corporate or business functions, birthday parties, the open house for the Dayton Arcade, and more.

“We do pretty much everything,” Rice said. They have also worked with entities like the city of Dayton, Montgomery County, Synchrony Financial and GE Aviation.

Event planning is Rice’s passion, and food has always been a part of her family. She was inspired by family members who shared their cooking and operated restaurants.

“I enjoy it, and it’s a family thing,” said Rice, whose father also helps with her business.

The largest hurdle Rice and her business tackled was a lack of resources and guidance for small businesses.

“Now it seems to be more resources popping up,” Rice said.

Rice plans on being part of the solution, like at the 6888 Kitchen at 32 S. Ludlow St. in Dayton, a venture spearheaded by Dayton food and restaurant professionals like Rice, along with Jamaica White and Charlynda Scales. Construction began late last year.

The kitchen incubator has been three years in the making. The facility will include a classroom and event space, a large training and community-use kitchen, and bakery. The space also includes four cooking “pods,” or rentable spaces for mid- to large-size companies, and retail space for vendors to sell their products.

Remarkable Ice

Remarkable Ice is a local supplier of frozen desserts.

“Remarkable Ice is a frozen treat that is smooth and silky like ice cream, flavorful like sorbet, and refreshing like shaved ice,” said Keenan Woods, owner of Remarkable Ice.

Woods said he was introduced to this treat approximately 10 years ago when visiting another city. Woods wanted to share it with the Dayton region, so he left his corporate job to start his own business featuring it.

“It’s been worthwhile,” Woods said. He said the journey of operating his own business has kept him in awe and on his toes. The biggest challenge for Woods was going from the mindset of an employee to that of operating a business.

“I do public events, private events, birthday celebrations, daycares, business luncheons,” Woods said. “Whatever event, Remarkable Ice is there.”

For more information, visit

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