Coronavirus: Which stocks are up, down during crisis?

A number of Dayton-area businesses have temporarily closed over the last week as the coronavirus crisis continues to make its impact on the local and national economy.

Stocks fell 8% on Wall Street on Wednesday, continuing a trend of market volatility that’s taken place since the coronavirus pandemic. The typical day this month has seen the stock market swing up or down — but mostly down — by 4.9%. Over the last decade, it was just 0.4%.

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Dayton-based financial advisor Shon Anderson, president and chief wealth strategist with Anderson Financial Strategies, said he is advising most of his clients to stay the course as he expects the markets to rebound after the pandemic finishes.

“This feels much worse because of the sharpness and speed,” Anderson said. “We are not projecting a big negative portfolio return for the year, as we are agreement with other analyses that are projecting a very strong snap back of the market.”

He said in most cases, if a person doesn’t need the money within the next six to 12 months, they should consider leaving their investments alone. People should also consult an advisor about their individual needs before making a big decision, he said.

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While the market overall has taken a hit, not all stocks are down. According to Business Insider, on Wednesday Fed Ex was up more than 5%, Walgreens was up more than 3%, Cincinnati-based Kroger was up more than 2% and Walmart was up more than 1%.

Meanwhile United Airlines, Carnival and Marriott were all down more than 25%, according to Business Insider.

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