Fuyao chairman takes aim at New York Times, media

Cho Tak Wong, chairman, Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co. LTD., left, on a visit to Fuyao Glass America in Moraine. TY GREENLEES / STAFF
Cho Tak Wong, chairman, Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co. LTD., left, on a visit to Fuyao Glass America in Moraine. TY GREENLEES / STAFF

The chairman of Fuyao Glass Industry Group is dismissing reports that his Moraine-based American company is experiencing labor tensions.

“The New York Times failed to tell the truth about Fuyao, but what I am surprised about is that Chinese domestic media also followed suit,” Chinese industrialist Cho Tak Wong wrote in what the Chinese publication Global Times called an “exclusive article” this week.

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Cho Tak Wong — also called Cao Dewang — is the founder and chairman of Fuyao. Since 2014, when he bought a former auto assembly plant in Moraine, he has created there what company leaders say is the world’s largest automotive glass factory, with about 2,000 employees. That company is Fuyao Glass America.

In a story published June 10, the New York Times wrote of a “culture clash” at the Moraine plant. For months, the United Auto Workers has collected workers’ signatures in a sustained bid to hold a union representation election at the factory.

“At Fuyao, a major culture clash is playing out on the factory floor, with some workers questioning the company’s commitment to operating under American supervision and American norms,” the Times wrote.

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The Global Times wrote that the Fuyao chairman “claimed that about 30 percent to 40 percent of the interview content” with the New York Times was untruthful.

Cho also apparently faulted Chinese media.

“I’m so surprised that Chinese media used fake headlines to lure readers,” Cho is quoted as saying.

Cho “said that he has no objection to the presence of the U.S. union, which reflects the local culture,” the Global Times wrote in the story published Tuesday. “He said that he has 20 years of experience in investing in the U.S. and his firm has good relations with the union.”

“He also said his company has talked with local officials in Ohio and that the state government supports (Cho) in letting people know the truth.”

This news outlet reported Tuesday that the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Cincinnati-area office has again cited Fuyao Glass America for alleged safety violations at the Moraine plant, proposing $37,843 in fines.

And Fuyao’s environmental health and safety manager, John Crane, is no longer with the company, according to both Fuyao and Ken Montgomery, director of the Cincinnati-area OSHA office.