Grocery owner says area stores will remain open despite struggles

Suttons grocery store posted on Facebook to put customers’ concerns at ease. The store has no plans to close.

A Darke County grocery store struggling through the changing industry has no plans to shut down, its owner told the Dayton Daily News.

Suttton’s Foods in Arcanum, along with its recently opened Union City store, addressed customer concerns on Facebook last week, telling shoppers the company was going through a tough time but “would fight through.”

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“We’re just going through kind of a hard time right now as some small businesses are,” said Josh Urlage, third generation owner of Suttons. “We’re here and we’re here to stay. Keep supporting us as much as possible and we will continue to be a pillar in this community as long as we can.”

Sutton’s will continue focusing on customer service — its niche in a highly competitive grocery market, Urlage said. It will also continue showing support to baseball teams and food drives in the community.

“Everyone falls on hard times throughout their life. We’re no different,” he said. “Competition is very stiff in our area…the Dayton/Cincinnati market is one of the most competitive markets in the whole United States, especially for independents. We just are fighting for every little piece that we have.”

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The grocery store is 15 miles from the Darke County seat in Greenville. It’s the only full-service grocery store in the town, but Urlage said many people drive into Englewood, Dayton or Troy to work and shop at big box stores on their way home.

There is also a Dollar General in the community.

“Being smaller, we’re more flexible. We’re able to adapt quicker. We know our customers; we know their face; we know their name; we know their kids,” Urlage said.


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