Hamilton manufacturer Kaivac expands by acquiring plastics maker

Kaivac Cleaning Systems adds Clermont County-based Eger Products.

Kaivac, a Hamilton-based science-based cleaning systems manufacturer, has acquired a Clermont County plastics manufacturer.

The $30 million company announced the acquisition of Eger Products and will add a manufacturing division and part of its supply chain in-house. Eger Products will be rebranded as Expert Roto Molding, A Division of Kaivac.

Kaivac Chief Growth Officer Bob Robinson Jr. said this purchase “will help protect our supply chain and make Kaivac more competitive.

“We are pleased that this acquisition will also help protect the team at Eger and keep these good American jobs secure for the long term,” he said.

Eger Products, which was founded in 1969, had been a family-owned business specializing in plastics and manufacturing processes, including rotational molding, dip molding, and thermoforming. The acquisition will add 30 employees to Kaivac’s 120 employees, and the Expert Roto Molding division will remain in Clermont County for the foreseeable future, according to the company.

Kaivac has had a relationship with Eger early in the company’s history, and Eger has been the primary vendor for plastic body parts on Kaivac systems.

Kaivac developed products and cleaning systems that address just about any surface for just about any industry, including education, healthcare, retail, food service, manufacturing, transportation, industrial, fitness, sports venues, veterinary, and pet care.

In addition to supporting Kaivac’s needs, the Expert Roto Molding division will continue to serve Eger Products’ customer base.

“We have learned so much from Eger over the years,” said CEO Bob Robinson Sr. “We’re going to be lending our management expertise to them. They, in turn, will be teaching us the technologies in plastic molding. The unification of our companies will enhance each other.”

Eger Production Manager Ashley Gilkison, granddaughter of Eger founder Dick Koebbe, said Kaivac was her grandfather’s “first big account.”

“He always said that when he first met Bob Robinson Sr., he knew his ideas were something special,” she said. “Now we get to continue the legacy of my grandfather and uncle with Kaivac support.”

Hamilton City Manager Joshua Smith said Kaivac has a strong leadership team, and the city is fortunate to have it in the community.

“Their recent growth, both internally and through acquisitions, has been impressive,” Smith said. “We look forward to them providing additional job opportunities as they grow in East Hamilton.”

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