New Germantown pharmacy is a family affair

Pharmacist Katie Perry credits siblings and parents for help launching the pharmacy.

Pharmacist Katie Perry said the new independent Germantown Pharmacy opened this summer with the help of family.

Perry originally began considering opening the pharmacy after local doctors reached out to her mother Michelle Woodard, a certified pharmacy technician, about how they missed having a hometown pharmacy to work with.

Woodard currently works at the store as does Perry’s brother, Luke, a Cedarville finance student and also a registered pharmacy tech. Her sister, Abby Woodard, is set to graduate from Cedarville University School of Pharmacy in May.

“They are all very invested in helping me succeed,” Perry said. “I’m really thankful.”

Before opening the Germantown business, while a fellow at Cedarville University School of Pharmacy, she also worked at the university’s teaching pharmacy Cedar Care Village Pharmacy.

At Cedar Care, Perry helped administer flu and COVID-19 vaccines and filled prescriptions. She was also involved with medication therapy management, helping patients with drug side effects and simplifying drug regimens for those concerned about mixing medicines.

She said Cedar Care Village Pharmacy made her think about the relationships she can have with patients when at an independent pharmacy, instead of feeling on a timer to fill prescriptions quickly.

“It was how I feel pharmacy is supposed to be, where you give people personalized care and attention,” Perry said. “We’re very careful about making sure people have what they need.”

When she started exploring the idea of opening a pharmacy, she said it felt like doors kept opening along the way. The location they found at 28 N. Main St. already had much of the equipment and layout she needed and she said her brother, husband and father all helped get the space ready.

Germantown Pharmacy has services like same-day delivery, easy-to-use adherence packaging for your prescriptions, and online registration for vaccines.

She said the community has shown up to support the pharmacy. The pharmacy opened in June and even for the grand opening, The Creamery gave them drinks to pass out to help celebrate the opening.

“The word of mouth advertising from the people in Germantown is second to none. If you give someone good service, then 10 people know about it by the next day, which I really appreciate,” Perry said.

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