5 reasons officials believe the Dayton region could handle another recession

Five things to know about the Dayton region’s resilience if another recession comes.

1. Local officials say the region’s economy has become far more diverse and less dependent on the auto industry.

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2. A downtown Dayton development boom is bringing housing and commercial development to the city’s core.

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3. Unemployment in the Dayton Metropolitan area is down to 4 percent although there are about 34,000 fewer jobs now than in 2000, according to seasonally adjusted numbers compiled by Bill LaFayette, owner of Regionomics LLC.

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4. Area governments, social service providers and educational institutions became better collaborators in the wake of the Great Recession and so are better prepared to react.

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5. Corporate investments in the region have brought the Verso Corp. corporate headquarters to Miami Township, Taylor Communications to downtown, and online retailer Chewy planning to open a facility at the Dayton International Airport.

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