Report: Ohio gained manufacturing jobs in past year

Industrial employment in Ohio is up for the second year, according to a database published by Manufacturers’ News Inc.

Ohio gained 5,761 manufacturing jobs from September 2012 to September 2013, about a half percent, matching last year’s half-percent gain, according to the 2014 Ohio Manufacturers Directory, a directory and database published by Manufacturers’ News, Inc., of Evanston, Ill.

Manufacturers’ News reports Ohio is home to 17,261 manufacturers employing 876,144 workers, compared to a high of 21,000 manufacturers and 1.3 million industrial workers the publisher recorded in 1994, the organization said in a release Monday.

“Once a struggling Rust Belt state, Ohio has experienced something of a manufacturing renaissance,” Tom Dubin, Manufacturers’ News president, said in a release.

Ohio’s two largest sectors by manufacturing employment posted gains over the year, with jobs in first-ranked industrial machinery and equipment rising by 2.5 percent. Industrial machinery ranks as Ohio’s largest sector by industrial employment, employing 141,707 or 16 percent of its manufacturing sector. Second ranked fabricated metals employs 102,862 Ohio workers, up 2.9 percent over the year.

Expansions by Honda and other automakers are part of the reason jobs are growing, the database says.

Northeast Ohio accounts for the largest share of the state’s industrial employment, with 324,355 jobs, up 1.2 percent over the year. Southwest Ohio accounts for 210,961 jobs, with no significant change reported, while Northwest Ohio is home to 128,931 industrial workers, up 2 percent.