Skilled workers again the No. 1 manufacturing need

The need for skilled employees remains the chief concern for Dayton-area manufacturers.

That was re-confirmed with the newest annual survey undertaken by the Dayton Region Manufacturers Association (DRMA).

The need for workers able to do the jobs manufacturers need them to do emerges consistently each year in the association’s survey.

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“Technically skilled and productive workers are in very short supply in the Dayton region,” the DRMA said in a summary of the survey results. “Many of our members responding to the survey identified this is a top issue, and this has been the No. 1 issue for the last six years.

“It is essential that a highly trained and skilled workforce is available for manufacturing companies to be able to meet the demand for goods and services and to be able to offer high-quality, high-paying jobs that will assure a prosperous economy,” the organization added.

Business sustainability in the face of price pressures and rising costs emerged as the second concern of surveyed DRMA members. Companies were also concerned about corporate tax rates and complicated tax rules.

The fourth concern identified was the ever rising cost of health care.

“DRMA members believe the high cost of health care adds an unrecoverable cost to their business and contributes to the decision to limit hiring,” the organization said. “DRMA members support efforts that will address reform of the Affordable Healthcare Act in order to make it less of a burden for businesses.”

Round out the list were the burden of government regulations, legislation legalizing the use of marijuana and aging public infrastructure.

The association said 73 manufacturing companies across the region participated in the survey, up from the 61 in 2018.

The answers help set the DRMA’s agenda, helping the organization hone its services and programs.

DRMA represents more than 200 members and almost 16,000 employees in the Dayton area.

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