5 things to know about the big bucks being spent on Super Bowl

Consumers are expected to spend at least $14 billion on the Super Bowl, and more than 188 million people will watch the Atlanta Falcons take on the New England Patriots.

Here are five things you need to know about Super Bowl spending this year:

1. Spending is down this year.

About the same people will watch the game compared to last year, according to a new survey from the National Retail Federation, but spending is down this year. The average consumer will spend about $75 for Super Bowl festivities, down from the average $82 spent per consumer in 2016. Consumers spent more than $15 billion total for the game day in 2016.

2. Most people are buying party supplies for game day.

Of the 76 percent of consumers surveyed, 80 percent say they will purchase food and beverages, 11 percent will buy team apparel or accessories and 8 percent will splurge on new televisions to watch the game at home.

3. Getting tickets to the game will cost big bucks.

Current available seats start at more than $4,000 on the NFL Ticket Exchange website, and go as high as $16,000 or more.

4. A special experience will cost even more. The National Football League is selling three different types of premium packages for the game, scheduled for Feb. 5 in Houston.

The three packages include:

• Captains Package: $5,799 or more for a ticket, tailgate party, appearances by NFL alumni, and more.

• Legends Package: $10,299 or more for a ticket, a VIP pre-game party with musical performances and more.

• MVP Package: $11,000 or more for a ticket, post-game VIP party with on-field access and more.

5. It’s an American tradition that generates revenue for several industries.

“As a favorite American past-time, the Super Bowl is a great chance for viewers to reconnect with friends and family after having a nice break after the holiday season,” said Pam Goodfellow, Prosper principal analyst. “Even though the number of viewers is slightly down this year, plenty are still planning to enjoy the day by watching it at their favorite bar or friend’s place, wearing their lucky jerseys and hoping their favorite team wins.”


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