Trotwood: Fuyao strikes deal with IRG for warehouse space

Fuyao Glass America will continue leasing warehouse space from Industrial Realty Group in Moraine, the Southern California-based developer who sold the company its Moraine plant five years ago.

IRG is the developer that in 2011 took control of the former General Motors plant where Fuyao now makes automotive glass sets.

Leaders in Trotwood said they had been negotiating with Fuyao about building a new facility in that city, but Fuyao elected to continue leasing from IRG, said Fred Burkhardt, executive director of the Trotwood Community Improvement Corp.

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“We obviously would have loved to have Fuyao in Trotwood,” Burkhardt said Tuesday. “But business decisions are business decisions.”

For months, leaders at Moraine-based Fuyao — the complex the company says is the world’s largest factory producing auto safety glass — have talked of the need to secure additional warehousing space.

Moraine officials had hoped to keep that warehousing activity in their city.

IRG Principal Stuart Lichter worked with JobsOhio and Moraine officials in selling Fuyao Chairman Cho Tak Wong a former General Motors assembly plant off West Stroop Road in late 2013 and early 2014. Today, Fuyao has more than 2,000 employees there.

Burkhardt said Fuyao officials shared with him other Chinese companies who may be looking for space in the Trotwood area.

“We wish them as well as we can wish them,” he said.

A representative of Fuyao, Lei Shi, said last month the company had no decision to announce. “As a manufacturing company, we will make any strategic decision in accordance with the customers’ needs,” she said at the time.

A message seeking comment was sent to her Tuesday.

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