Huber Heights firefighters rescue macaw from tree

Huber Heights firefighters rescued an unusual feathered friend during a service call.

Crews safely removed a 48-year-old rescue macaw named Nash from a tree and returned the bird to her owners.

“Our personnel drove to the location and assessed the situation to see if we could be of any assistance without taking any undue risk to our personnel or equipment,” read a post on the department’s Facebook page. “Nash had positioned herself in a perfect spot for the utilization of our aerial device (ladder).”

After a briefing from Nash’s owner, a firefighter climbed the ladder truck with a towel to catch the bird.

“Firefighter Mike was able to quickly climb the ladder and cover Nash with the towel as instructed and pull her from the tree,” according to the fire department. “Nash is now back on the ground with her owners and Ladder 22 is back at it on the training grounds.”

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